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GIS Solutions

Geo Coding

Geo-coding service is provided at different levels based on customer requirements- building or landmark level, street or sub-locality level, locality in a town or village level or pincode level.

This also includes addresses, IDs, customers, employees, transactions, assets and others to help you geo-visualise your vast data holdings GIS ensures high quality and timely delivery of services by leveraging it's large repository of digital map and data, specialized geo-coding tools and engines, and Pan- India field survey capability as and when required.


Geo-Spatial Application Solutions

We build, maintain and host geo- spatial applications on web and mobile platform GIS.ULTS has significant technical expertise and engineering know-how to develop customized applications across web and mobile platforms such as store/ dealer locators, tracking applications and all kinds of business/government GIS application.

Get authentic and reliable geo tagged market and business intelligence data from GIS customized surveys for assessing market potential, competition presence, and own distribution presence as well as business performance and compliance measures which can be visualized, analyzed and validated geographically on a map

Ground and Asset Survey

Get your gis data acquired easily from GIS surveying services using ground surveying and positioning techniques integrated with advanced GIS technology to generate specialised base maps and geo-databases.

Gis has a large survey team with local expertise to cover any part of the country supported by advanced technology and India's largest repository of digital maps and data. Gis uses various tools in conducting ground and asset survey. These consist of DGPS, GPS, Total station, auto level, GPR, laser distance calculator, video imagers, cameras, voice GPS and many others as per the requirement, quality processes to provide accurate data

The types of services offered by Gis are following: underground asset surveys, forest surveys, landbase surveys, cadastral surveys, road network surveys,pipeline surveys, points of interest surveys, building surveys, height surveys, 3D surveys,topographic surveys, street furniture surveys, asset surveys, consumer indexing surveys.

Smart City Solutions

Field Survey & GIS Data Services Solutions

e-Governance & Citizen Services

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps & 3D Maps
  • Administrative & Postal Address
  • Transport
  • Landcover
  • Landmarks & PoIs
  • Location & Details of Property
  • Platform for Integration of Property Data
  • Property Information System
  • Citizen Online Portals
  • Street Light Management System
  • Grievance Redressal System
  • Computer Aided Dispatch for Emergency Response System

Sanitation & Waste Management

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps
  • Location of Municipal Garbage Disposal Points
  • Location of Municipal Garbage Dumping Grounds
  • Location of Public Toilets
  • Location of Water Bodies
  • Sewerage and Drainage Network
  • Municipal Waste Collection Solution
  • Traveler Locate E-Toilet Portal
  • Clean City Portal for Citizens & Redressal System
  • Work Force Beat & Track Solution